Miracle Flights For Kids Was Founded By Ann McGee In 1985

In 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids was founded by Ann McGee, a woman who saw an immense need for free, better transportation for sick children needing medical care. Upon the death of her daughter, McGee organized the nonprofit from her humble apartment. From the meager beginnings, the organization has prospered, extending commercial air travel for much-needed medical care to kids and their families as needed. Thirty years later, 30 years following its philanthropic start, the vision for Miracle Flights for Kids remains strong — to help children and families in need of immensely specialized care only possible far from home. In three decades, the charity has organized more than 97,000 flights across 53 million miles of air travel, all thanks to the efforts of thousands upon thousands of volunteers and donors. Known as the nation’s leading nonprofit health and welfare flight organization, Miracle Flights for Kids frequently provides immense financial assistance to low-income families to ensure children are not without options for necessary care or vital second opinions. Flights are often provided at no cost simply to ensure kids obtain the care needed. As McGee would have desired for her daughter, the organization she created now extends to countless families every year.