The Medical Flights for Kids Program

According to statistics, as many as 30 million Americans have been afflicted with a rare disease that either shortens or alters their life in some way. And half of these Americans are children, many of whom will not live to see their fifth birthday. This is a depressing situation for them and their families and often, treatment is available, but not easily accessible. Miracle Flights for Kids makes treatment accessible for many people

In operation since 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids has grown one of the most important charitable organizations in the country. They have long been established as the most important nonprofit health and welfare flight organization in the country. Over the course of more than 30 years, they have provided the financial assistance needed to provide medical flights to seriously ill children who need them to get the life-altering or life-saving medical care they need. With the help of Miracle Flights for Children, many children get help from medical experts and second opinions that may save their lives. Not only that, but their families also receive hope that they’re beloved child may love a healthier longer life.